Private: Flower Power

Gels & Tools Used: Base Gel, Hard Gel/Medium-Gel, Colour Gels #64,#65,#89, #92, #2015, #2017, Gloss Gel, #17 Deluxe Nail Art Brush, Dotting Tool

1. On a well prepared nail, apply base layer of Base Gel, cure.

2. Apply Colour Gel #65 Pink Iceberg to nail, cure and repeat.

3. Apply Colour Gel #2015 Silver Shimmer to entire nail, cure.

4. With Colour Gel #89 Bright Summer Pink, create the petals of the flower, cure.

5. Outline the flower petals with Colour Gel #92 Amethyst using a Deluxe Nail Art Brush. Cure.

6. Apply a thin line of Colour Gel #64 Lilac Lullaby to the inside of each petal. Cure.

7. With dotting tool, apply random dots with Colour Gels #89 Bright Summer Pink and #92 Amethyst. Dot the center of each flower with colour gel #2017 Licorice. Cure.

8. Create Upper Arch with Hard Gel  or Medium Gel. Cure or for a textured finish skip this step.

6. Apply final layer of Gloss Gel. Cure.

7. Wipe sticky residue  off with Nail Cleanse.

Nail Art Designed by Michele Boruch