Fantasy Collection Stained Glass Mosaic

Gels & Tools Used: Base Gel, Soft Gel, Hard/Medium Gel, Gloss Gel, Color Gels #189 Wish Upon A Star, #190 Free Imagination, #191 Treasure Chest, #192 Dreams are Forever, #1 French White, #2017 Liquorice, #4 Delux Brush Flat #17 Delux Nail Art Brush, Fine Glitter Powder.

  1. On a prepared nail, apply a layer of Base Gel. Cure.
  2. Apply a layer of #1 French White. Cure.
  3. Apply outlines of the design using #2017 Liquorice and a #17 Nail Art Brush. Cure.
  4. Start coloring in each section using #190 Free Imagination, #191 Treasure Chest, #192 Dreams are Forever and #189 Wish Upon A Star. Cure and repeat until desired color intensity is achieved.
  5. Apply a thin layer of Soft Gel. Cure. Remove sticky residue.
  6. Thinly re-apply #2017 over the existing lines. Do not cure. Sprinkle glitter powder over the design. Glitter will only stick to the black lines. Cure. Brush away loose with a nail brush.
  7. Create the Upper Arch with Hard Gel or Medium Gel. Cure.
  8. Apply final layer of Gloss Gel. Cure.