Free Spirit

Gels & Tools Used: Base Gel, Soft Gel, Hard/Medium Gel, Gloss Gel, Color Gels: 194 Dream Catcher, 195 Flower Child, 196 Free Spirit, 197 Bohemian Beauty, 198 Catch the Wind, #4 Delux Brush Flat #17 Delux Nail Art Brush/Upper Arch Brush, Dotting Tool.

  1. Apply a Bio Sculpture Base Gel Layer. Cure.
  2. Follow with a grip layer of Soft Gel. Do NOT cure.
  3. Draw alternating lines across the nail with Bio Sculpture Color Gels #194, #195, #196, #197 and #198 using the tip of the Nail Art/ Upper Arch Brush. Do NOT cure. Clean bristles after each color line.
  4. Use the tip of the Upper Arch Brush to lightly drag through the wet Gel lines in one direction. Cure. Clean bristles after each stroke.
  5. Place dots with of Bio Sculpture Color Gels #194, #195 and #198 using the Dotting Tool/Upper Arch Brush/Metal Pick. Cure.
  6. Create Upper the Arch with Hard Gel or Medium Gel. Cure.
  7. Apply final layer of Gloss Gel. Cure.