Gels & Tools Used: Base Gel, Soft Gel, Hard/Medium Gel, Gloss Gel, Color Gels: #198 Catch The Wind, #4 Deluxe Brush Flat #17 Deluxe Nail Art Brush/Upper Arch Brush, Gems, Stones.

  1. Apply a Bio Sculpture Base Gel Layer. Cure.
  2. Apply two layers of #198 Colour Gel and cure each layer.
  3. Follow with a layer of Soft Gel. Do NOT cure.
  4. Places gems/stones on the wet Gel layer using the tip of the Metal Pick, dipped into Soft Gel.
  5. Repeat until you achieve the desired design. Cure.
  6. Create Upper the Arch with Hard Gel or Medium Gel. Cure.
  7. Apply final layer of Gloss Gel. Cure.