Chaotic Wonderland #1


  1. Apply a Bio Sculpture Base layer. Cure
  2. Apply two layers of colour gel. Cure each layer
  3. Apply Chrome Catalyst and seal the free edge. Cure. Do not wipe
  4. Blend the chrome powder onto the catalyst and polish to a high shine
  5. Create the patterned design using Soft Gel and the tip of the Upper Arch Brush. Cure
  6. Wipe with Polish Remover to remove any excess chrome
  7. Follow with a layer of Soft Gel. Do not cure
  8. Apply the 3D gel design and gems / embossed art using a Bio Tweezer and a Metal Pick dipped into Soft Gel. Cure
  9. Apply the appropriate strengthening gel and seal around the nail art. Cure
  10. Nail Cleanse
  11. Apply Gloss for shine. Cure

3D Rose:

  1. Build a rose bud with colour gel onto the tip of a metal pick. Cure
  2. Apply a rose petal design onto a piece of wax paper using selected colour gels. Cure
  3. Remove cured petals with Bio Tweezers, the gel will be flexible. Bend the petals as desired
  4. Apply petals to the rose bud on the Metal Pick with Soft Gel, using Bio Tweezers. Secure each petal in place. Cure for 60 seconds. Hold the Metal Tool upright while curing
  5. Use a Stork Scissor to cut and shape the rose petals as desired
  6. Add colour detail to the rose design using the tip of the Upper Arch Brush. Cure
  7. Remove the rose from the Metal Pick
  8. Use a Side Blade Cutter to trim the base of the rose.