Mad Glamour Art 2

edge: round or flat side

  1. Apply a Bio Sculpture Base layer. Cure
  2. Apply one layer of a glitter gel. Cure
  3. Onto the cured colour layer apply striping tape in a diagonal patter across the nail, creating diamond patterns
  4. Select a colour gel and use the tip of an Upper Arch Brush to shade and add colour to the diamond shapes created by the striping tape. Cure
  5. Use a Bio Tweezers to carefully remove the striping tape
  1. Follow with a grip layer of Soft Gel. Do not cure
  2. Place the beads on the wet gel using the tip of a Metal Pick, dipped into Soft Gel. Cure
  3. Apply a layer of Soft Gel to seal around the nail art. The diamond design will give a 3D textured effect. Cure
  4. Cleanse
  5. Apply Gloss for shine. Cure