Advanced Sculpting Course


Bio Sculpture Gel Certification Course (Bio Sculpture Certificate number required)

Time: Duration 4 hours

Course Fee: $150 (+ Applicable Taxes)


Base Gel, Sculpting Gel, White Gel, Free Edge Gel, Hard Gel, Medium Gel, Soft Gel, Color Gel, Bio Nail Cleanse, Bio Polish Remover, Bio Gel Remover, Gel Brush, Nail Wipes (lint-free), Bio Cuticle Remover, Sculpting Forms, Silk, Cuticle Nippers, Scissors (to cut silk), Manicure Tools, Multi clipper/Extension Clipper, Files (100/180 Grit), Gold Buffing Block.

UV Lamp: Either 2×18 Watt, 4×9 Watt or Bio Sculpture LED UV Lamp

Model is Required

Course Outline:

An intensive, advanced course designed to refine your sculpting skills, with special attention to problem nails, reconstruction and nail biters. Corrective shaping and customizing extensions using Free Edge Gel, Sculpting Gel, Hard Gel and Medium Gel.