The Perfect Base for a Perfect Nail

Base-gel-FBPerfect base layer application is one of the most important steps in gel application. Not only does it ensure that gel layers are properly adhered to the nail, it is also required to achieve a flawless end result.

A great deal of science has gone into the development of the base layer by the time it lands in the technician’s hands. Bio Sculpture’s Base Gel was formulated using floating polymerization, meaning that chemical etching (punching little holes in the nail plate with an acidic primer) or mechanical damage (“roughing” up the nail with a nail file) is not required for adhesion. A good base coat is pH balanced, free of harmful chemicals (for example methyl pyrrolidone, implicated in reproductive harm and BHA, a possible carcinogen) and non-dehydrating. A smooth and even application can be achieved by using the correct gel application brush for the size of the nail bed. A self leveling product is the technician’s best friend when it comes to concealing a less than perfect nail bed. In most circumstances only one layer is required to achieve a smooth base. For nails with deep ridges, uneven surfaces or scooped tips, a correcting (second) layer of the base can be applied.

Is it important to know what is in the base layer you are using? Absolutely! Keep in mind that the base layer is the only layer of the entire application that is in direct contact with the porous surface of the nail. Did you know that Bio Sculpture is the only nail product on the market that has undergone extensive clinical research studies? Bio Sculpture products have also been subjected to rigorous toxicological testing to ensure that what is in the product does not have harmful effects on the body. Read more about our products at or call our Customer Service Line at 1-877-424-6435 x 80.