#BioTechStory: Laurie Lafontaine

Thank you to Laurie Lafontaine from Mani Pedi Plus, North Bay, ON,  for participating in the April #BioTechStory. 

How long have you been working in this beauty industry?

Since the 80’s, so well over 30 years!

When did you begin offering Bio Sculpture?

You had only been in Canada for a few years, so I think roughly 23 ago years! A sales rep came to visit me (a gentleman), and that is how I got started.

How did using Bio Sculpture change your business?

I was previously doing acrylic – and there really was not a lot of gel on the market at the time. The gel that was on the market was not great. The acrylic was so strong, it was hard to breath that in all day long. When I heard about Bio Sculpture, and this alternative way of doing nails – I jumped on board. I got rid of all my acrylic and never looked back. I was so impressed with the whole company, the alternative way of thinking and innovative ideas. It appealed to me and never had me searching for anything else.

What is your favourite Bio Sculpture Product?

Everything is so great and works so well together. Right now, I absolutely LOVE the Vitamin Dose!

What is your favourite Bio Sculpture Color?

I am a burgundy kind of girl, so #2024 Claret is my favourite. It is a classic and goes with everything while complimenting a lot of skin tones.

If you could be granted one Bio Sculpture Wish, what would it be?

To tell you the truth, all my wishes have already been granted. Easy soak off, adheres well, stays well….

What are some of the most notable nail trends you have seen over your career?

Fan shaped nails, I don’t know how that ever became a trend – I am so glad that nail trend is over. Some of these trendy shapes, I just don’t know about them. I like the traditional shapes.

Do you have a favourite memory about Bio Sculpture?

I had dinner with Peter and Nolene [Nieuwenhuis, founders of Bio Sculpture Canada] at their home and spent the evening with them. They were just so sweet!

Why have you stayed with Bio Sculpture all these years?

Again, there is nothing like it out there. I dabbled here and there, but if you have got something that works well and has an array of products to help any type of nail – you don’t need anything else. It is a whole system. The products act as a treatment, so its not just a set of nails - it’s about caring for the nails.

After such a long career, what advice would you share to a brand-new Bio Sculpture Technician?

When you are with clients, you want to master and develop a rapport through caring and educating them. Teach them how to care for their nails and treat their nails outside of the salon and explain why you are creating a unique service for them. Caring and educating will help build a loyal, satisfied and full clientele. Of course make sure you use amazing products, like Bio Sculpture!