#BioTechStory: Lindsay Kusy

Thank you to Lindsay Kusy from Diva Den Day Spa, Kelowna, BC, for participating in the February #BioTechStory. 

How long have you been working in this beauty industry?

I started in the industry in 2007, so 15 years!

When did you begin offering Bio Sculpture?

I have been using Bio Sculpture since February 2009.

How did using Bio Sculpture change your business?

Primarily, the education and the standards of Bio Sculpture. I love that this product line is exclusive. You need to be properly educated to be able to purchase and use. It allows for quality control.

What is your favourite Bio Sculpture Product?

That is such a tricky question! I love the Bio Sculpture Nail Polish Remover. I also love the Bio Sculpture Ethos Volcanic Base. Every one of my clients leaving with natural nails, are leaving with a bottle of Volcanic Base.

What is your favourite Bio Sculpture Color?

My new favourite is #225 Hazy Forest in the BioGel range. I can put that color on anyone, and they absolutely love it. It is the perfect happy medium, in gloss or matte – it is fair game, anything goes!

If you could be granted one Bio Sculpture Wish, what would it be?

What a loaded question! My dream would be easily get all the EVO products out of the bottle, and somehow have a brush closer to the Bio Delux Brushes in the EVO bottle.

What are some of the most notable nail trends you have seen over your career?

I went from having a vast variety of color gels at the beginning of my career and everyone wanted French, now everyone wants color, and no one wants French. Such a flip!

Do you have a favourite memory about Bio Sculpture?

I remember the day that my Bio Sculpture Sales Rep called me to let me know that the gels were switching over to LED, and I would be able to cure the gels in 30 seconds. I was able to have a lunch break and bathroom break. I shaved 10 minutes off my service time!

Why have you stayed with Bio Sculpture all these years?

Honestly, the products make me feel more committed to my profession. Using a product that requires proper training. I love seeing the transformation of someone who arrives with a damaged nail that can be repaired and rescued with silk – everyone is always impressed and have never seen the technique before!

After such a long career, what advice would you share to a brand-new Bio Sculpture Technician?

Be consistent and stay with the system. Use it in its entirety, and more specifically when you can stay true and loyal with Bio Sculpture – it is much easier for Bio Sculpture to assist you and help ensure your success.