#BioTechStory: Lynn Philippe

Our first #BioTechStory is about Lynn Philippe from Soft Touch Esthetics in Saint John, New Brunswick.

How long have you been working in this industry?

I graduated from my program in 1994 (28 years).

When did you begin offering Bio Sculpture?

I remember being at a tradeshow in 1999 in Toronto. I had always struggled with having gel stay on my nails. I came across the Bio Sculpture booth and they were offering free demos. I remember having, it was an orange-y red shade... they did 1 nail and I was so impressed with how easy the application was. I struggled to find a nail solution for my business because the acrylic systems were too smelly and the hard gel systems needed so much filing. This one nail stayed on, and stayed on! I couldn't even figure out how to get it off! I was sold, I was so excited to call and order my kit.

How did using Bio Sculpture change your business?

Well, the product took off immediately and was a huge success. It was so different to what other salons were offering. Client's’ nails were so healthy and it was quick to catch on that this product was making a difference in the health of the client's nails. I was able to grow a full clientele, and focused the majority of my business on nails. Because I was offering such a unique product I was able to charge more money and ultimately grow my business.

What is your favourite Bio Sculpture Product?

I always loved the Bio Sculpture Sculpting Gel, and recently the EVO Flex has been a real game changer!

What is your favourite Bio Sculpture Color?

Hands down #21 Ravishing Ruby, I bet you I have ordered over 100 pots of it over the years. Second favourite #2024 Claret. Most recently Nudes have been really popular!

If you could be granted one Bio Sculpture Wish, what would it be?

I would love for the Sculpting Gel to be LED curable!

What are some of the most notable nail trends you have seen over your career?

French Manicure was the most popular, and now I very rarely ever do a French.

Do you have a favourite memory about Bio Sculpture?

When my husband died, Bio Sculpture sent me flowers and a nice card. It meant a lot to me. The company and you [Sarah] have always been so supportive and down to earth. If I have questions I know you will get the answers or help me. I feel that you care about me.

Why have you stayed with Bio Sculpture all these years? The product speaks for itself. While the cost is more than other brands, I have always felt confident knowing that I was offering a superior product. I never felt I had to search for other brands because it checked all the boxes for me. I have two clients who have been with me for over 20 years. One lady is 90 years old, with the most beautiful nails. The results are proven!

After such a long career, what advice would you share to a brand new Bio Sculpture Technician? If the product is not working, its likely not the product! Ask for help, don't try to mix lines or create a solution. Reach out and talk to your sales rep - they know their stuff! Stick to Bio - and you will be set!