#BioTechStory: Rita Sachetti

Thank you to Rita Sachetti from Rita’s Esthetics, Mississauga, ON, for participating in the March #BioTechStory.

How long have you been working in this beauty industry?

I guess 32 years! Holy smokes, I started back in 1990 – I guess its not something I have really thought about, but wow – that is a long time!

When did you begin offering Bio Sculpture?

I don’t remember the exact date, but if I am not mistaken I want to say 1997 – Peter and Nolene both came into the salon together. They asked me if I wanted to learn about a brand-new product that had just arrived in Canada!

How did using Bio Sculpture change your business?

I was never a big fan of acrylics, so I never ventured into them. I did not like the smell or what it was doing to nails. I was doing fiberglass at the time (can you believe it?!). So, when Peter and Nolene came and explained the system to me, I was willing to learn more. When I discovered the simplicity of the system, and the overall improvement in the nail health – it was a game changer. I stopped the fiberglass and started with Bio Sculpture. Clients were so impressed with how healthy their nails were, and how thin the overlay was. Word spread about their healthy nails, and soon I had a full clientele wanting healthy beautiful nails.

What is your favourite Bio Sculpture Product?

It was the whole system – I loved how amazing it was for the nails, and no smell. It then would be the “Royal Gel” [Soft Gel], but now my new favourite is EVO Flex Base.

What is your favourite Bio Sculpture Color?

It has to be 221 Party Popper – I just think it is such a beautiful color! Even my older, more conservative clients try it, they don’t always stick with it – but I make them try it at least once. My all-time favourite!

If you could be granted one Bio Sculpture Wish, what would it be?

Oh goodness, what would I wish for? I would like to see a non-wipe Topcoat.

What are some of the most notable nail trends you have seen over your career?

The stiletto pointed nails; I wish that trend would get out of here! The nail shape is beautiful, but you really need to have a specific type of nail to really pull it off. Its hard to explain to someone that their nails may not look right no matter the work we do. I also don’t care for super square nails. Nothing beats a classic oval or squoval shape nail.

Do you have a favourite memory about Bio Sculpture?

I really liked when Bio Sculpture did their own mini tradeshow a few years ago. I really enjoyed that!

Why have you stayed with Bio Sculpture all these years?

The quality has always been consistent, my client’s nails are so healthy, and my clients love this product. Throughout the years, I have never stopped using Bio… but I have tried other lines just to see what else was on the market and to look at other pricing…. But nothing has ever been able to compare. I finally said to myself, “why are you spending money on other things, I am always going to return to Bio” – and I have!

After such a long career, what advice would you share to a brand-new Bio Sculpture Technician?

Put in your time, and you need to educate your clientele. Educating your clients is key. You can’t tell someone that you are going to be charging them a premium when they can go to a non-standard salon for less money. You must explain to them the benefits of using a high-quality product and how that translates in pricing. It is ok to put your prices up and ensure that you get paid to cover your high quality products and your time