Our Philosophy

The Bio Sculpture Philosophy for Nail Care

Bio Sculpture was founded and created in 1988 by Elmien Scholtz, a cosmetic science graduate, who had a vision to create a nail care product that not only looked beautiful but was long lasting, natural looking, durable and enhanced the natural nail. Since its inception Bio Sculpture has expanded into over 30 countries and the demand for the product continues to soar. The primary branded products are manufactured in-house and research and development remains a key focus within the Company.

What sets Bio Sculpture apart from other nail products is the The Bio Sculpture Philosophy for Nail Care. With Bio Sculpture products the emphasis is on the health of the natural nail and nail treatments are viewed as a two-step process – first the natural nail is moisturized and nurtured with Bio Sculpture Treatment Products; second the natural nail is protected with a client-customized Bio Sculpture Gel Overlay. This unique approach ensures that nails receive the nutrients they require and are protected from becoming dry and brittle. The result is a healthy nail protected with a durable, strong, flexible and glossy gel overlay that lasts up to three weeks.

Bio Sculpture Gel offers endless possibilities with over 150 colours available worldwide. Bio Sculpture Gel Remover quickly and safely removes products from the nail in preparation for the application of a new colour or nail art design.

The Bio Sculpture product line has received numerous awards and is the only nail system in the world that has undergone extensive toxicological and clinical research studies for which Bio Sculpture Gel was awarded a Five Star Safety Rating by Parexel International.

Over the past two decades the Bio Sculpture product line has expanded to include a variety of treatment gels aimed at customizing nail care for each client, over 150 color gels, treatment products and a spa range of manicure and pedicure products.

Bio Sculpture’s commitment to research and development ensure that we remain the leading nail care product on the market. New colours are launched into the collection twice a year for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

Bio Sculpture is still the original and the only soak-off gel on the market that can sculpt and re-shape nails, whilst nurturing the growth of the natural nail.

Bio Sculpture has always advocated health, product safety, and transparency regarding labelling practices and ingredients. To date, Bio Sculpture Gel is the only Nail Product in the world to have participated in a large Clinical Research Study conducted by the independent research organization Parexel International. Bio Sculpture was awarded a Five Star Safety Rating – the highest rating available. In addition, Bio Sculpture initiated a toxicological study conducted by the SA Drug and Toxicology Information Trust that showed that ingredients used in our formulations are safe for use. All Bio Sculpture products are registered with and approved by Health Canada. None of the ingredients used in any Bio Sculpture products appear on the Health Canada List of Prohibited and Restricted Cosmetic Ingredients (“Hotlist”), and all Bio Sculpture labelling is in complete compliance with Health Canada stipulations. In fact, in every one of the 39 countries where Bio Sculpture products are available, they meet or exceed the safety standards set out by that country’s Health Ministry. 

Bio Sculpture has spend nearly 25 years perfecting its gel nail system to the point where every aspect of the treatment has been taken into consideration, evaluated and improved upon. Today, Bio Sculpture offers a system that requires no filing of the natural nail and products can be safely removed with a solution that is gentle enough not to cause drying, cracking and peeling of the skin or nails.

Bio Sculpture is only available for purchase by qualified Nail Technicians and Estheticians. Bio Sculpture remains a professional system available exclusively for salon use.

Bio Sculpture is the proven leader in all categories: Health, Durability, Simplicity, Colors and Ease of Removal. For almost a quarter of century Bio Sculpture has positioned itself as a leader in the Nail Industry through investing in research and innovation, always striving to offer premium nail care.