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Did you know that the first semi-permanent nail product, #19 Pillar Box was launched by Bio Sculpture Gel in 1990? The introduction of colour gel by Bio Sculpture brought about a revolution in the nail industry. With the launch of Bio Sculpture colour gels came glossy, semi-permanent, chip-free coverings lasting for up to 3 weeks – it changed the nail industry forever! Thank you Bio Sculpture! View our complete colour range at:

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Bio Sculpture® Gel is the only nail system with a 5 STAR SAFETY RATING that is 100% Vegan. NO primers, bonders, odours or excessive buffing. With Bio Sculpture® Gel, nails remain HEALTHY and UNDAMAGED.

Bio Sculpture® Gel has produced award winning nail technicians world wide. With comprehensive training globally, Bio Sculpture® Gel is suitable for both beginners and experienced nail technicians with full ongoing support.


Bio Sculpture® Gel has more than 150 UV & LED curable colours that soaks off easily, leaving the natural nail healthy and undamaged.


Bio Sculpture® Gel is a tailored nail care solution suitable for ANY NAIL TYPE. Nails can be repaired, lengthened, corrected and shaped, LASTING UP TO 3 WEEKS.


Together with a full range of natural nail health enhancing pre-treatments, Bio Sculpture® Gel is strong and flexible with a non-chip finish – protecting the natural nail.


Bio Sculpture® Gel is not tested on animals and free of any toxic chemicals such as DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, Formaldehyde and Camphor.



Welcome back that 70s Show!

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Look for an explosion of color and pattern this Summer!! For colors think bright, bold and happy! Tie-dye, dots, geometric patterns and floral prints are all the hype this season. Most of these patterns translate quite easily into nail designs whether it is an accent nail, all 10 nails the same, or 10 different designs in series. Below is a sampling of popular designs using The Happy Hippie Collection. For Step-by-Step instructions on creating these looks visit our Nail Art section at

Trends Summer 2015

The Happy Hippie Collection is available in gel and polish:

Pools & Names

Make your dreams come true!

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194 Dream Catcher
is a lemon bright shade that embodies free spirit, youth and fun! Who would not want to have all that be part of their nail wardrobe! Bright yellow is one of the hottest trends on and off the runways for Spring/Summer 2015. Flip open any fashion magazine to see yellow splashed throughout, be it accessories or head-to-toe outfits. Pair it with classical black, add some whimsy with a neutral fringed skirt, or boldly add a yellow purse or sandals. Here are some fun ways to add yellow to your nails. For step-by-step instructions visit:

The Perfect Base for a Perfect Nail

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Base-gel-FBPerfect base layer application is one of the most important steps in gel application. Not only does it ensure that gel layers are properly adhered to the nail, it is also required to achieve a flawless end result.

A great deal of science has gone into the development of the base layer by the time it lands in the technician’s hands. Bio Sculpture’s Base Gel was formulated using floating polymerization, meaning that chemical etching (punching little holes in the nail plate with an acidic primer) or mechanical damage (“roughing” up the nail with a nail file) is not required for adhesion. A good base coat is pH balanced, free of harmful chemicals (for example methyl pyrrolidone, implicated in reproductive harm and BHA, a possible carcinogen) and non-dehydrating. A smooth and even application can be achieved by using the correct gel application brush for the size of the nail bed. A self leveling product is the technician’s best friend when it comes to concealing a less than perfect nail bed. In most circumstances only one layer is required to achieve a smooth base. For nails with deep ridges, uneven surfaces or scooped tips, a correcting (second) layer of the base can be applied.

Is it important to know what is in the base layer you are using? Absolutely! Keep in mind that the base layer is the only layer of the entire application that is in direct contact with the porous surface of the nail. Did you know that Bio Sculpture is the only nail product on the market that has undergone extensive clinical research studies? Bio Sculpture products have also been subjected to rigorous toxicological testing to ensure that what is in the product does not have harmful effects on the body. Read more about our products at or call our Customer Service Line at 1-877-424-6435 x 80.

Hello May!

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Time to say good-bye to April showers and hello to May flowers! This time of year, we are all ready to add a bold splash of color to our homes, gardens, wardrobes and nails!

Fortify your Nail Tech Tool Box by adding some of our color collections (Pretty for Prom Collection, Radiant Orchid Collection, Beach Collection or Carnival Collection) or build your own Five Pack Color Collection or Ten Pack Color Collection from the Bio Color Range. You can view color swatches at Our Colours or Try Them On!

 Radiant Orchid Collection

Twelve Reds of Christmas…19 Pillar Box

by Bio Sculpture Gel

With the Holiday Season upon us, which red will you be wearing? The Bio Sculpture colour collection offers a red for every taste and occasion! We are starting off with 19 Pillar Box, an elegant bright red. Did you know that 19 Pillar Box was the first colour gel available world wide? Bio Sculpture launched the revolutionary idea of non-chip nail colour lasting up to three weeks in 1990 and to this day 19 Pillar Box remains one of our most popular colours!

19 Pillar box

A touch of glamour…

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Festive Favorites

by Bio Sculpture Gel

 Try this pretty combination of 10 Pinotage and 168 Gilded Reflection to add some sparkle to your nails this Festive Season.



Welcome to the new!

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Welcome to the newly designed Bio Sculpture Canada website! The website design is reflective of the global Bio Sculpture branding and have a similar look and feel to Bio Sculpture websites worldwide. Available in both English and French, the Bio Sculpture Canada site features up to date news on new products and color collection launches, product information suitable for Nail Technicians and consumers, the complete color gel collection with a Try Me On feature, Nail Art Step-by-Steps, Course and Event Information, Training Schedules and a Blog. Make sure you know your Bio Sculpture Account Number to access the Technician Only section of the website where information such as price lists, newsletters and special promotions can be found. Contact your Sales Representative for login information.


Bienvenue au nouveau!

Bienvenue sur le site web nouvellement conçu Bio Sculpture!  Le design du site est le reflet de l’image de marque Bio Sculpture et affiche un aspect similaire aux sites Bio Sculpture à travers le monde.  Disponible en français et en anglais, le site Bio Sculpture Canada présente des nouvelles à jour sur les nouveaux produits et lancements de collections de couleurs, de l’information sur les produits convenant aux Techniciennes en ongles et aux clientes, la collection complète de gels couleur avec fonction Essayez-moi, Décoration sur ongle étape-par-étape, Cours et Événement d’information, Calendrier de formations et Blog.  Assurez-vous de connaître votre Numéro de compte Bio Sculpture pour accéder à la section Technicienne seulement du site web, où vous y trouverez de l’information telles que listes de prix, bulletins de nouvelle et promotions spéciales.  Contactez votre Représentante aux ventes pour de l’information sur l’ouverture d’une session.