Style Tip: Artistic Nail Splatter

by Bio Sculpture Gel

Can you imagine a more intriguing look than having lines and dots of varying shades splattered over your nails? A quick look internet search will yield many beautiful examples that can be used as inspiration for this fun technique. Try this look in multi-color splatter over nudes or greys, or apply a more subdued splatter over ombre nails.

Artistic Nail Splatter Inspiration:


How To: Artistic Nail Splatter with Bio Sculpture Gel products: 

nail art splatter

  1. On a prepared nail applied Base Gel. Cure.
  2. Apply #1 French White to the nail, cure. Repeat.
  3. On a pallette take small drops of color you will be using for your design.
  4. Dip your brush in Nail Cleanse, then pick up color gel, apply in desired pattern to nail. Repeat with all colors desired. Cure.
  5. Apply thin layer of sealer gel. Cure.
  6. Using a fine point dotting tool, pick up  #3 Snow White and drag over nail to create splatter effect. Repeat with #2017 Liquorice. Repeat and add dots to achieve desired effect. Cure.
  7. Create the Upper Arch with Hard Gel or Medium Gel. Cure.
  8. Apply a final layer of Gloss Gel. Cure.

Nail Art contributed by Sarah O’Brien, Bio Sculpture Maritimes.

Welcome back that 70s Show!

by Bio Sculpture Gel

Look for an explosion of color and pattern this Summer!! For colors think bright, bold and happy! Tie-dye, dots, geometric patterns and floral prints are all the hype this season. Most of these patterns translate quite easily into nail designs whether it is an accent nail, all 10 nails the same, or 10 different designs in series. Below is a sampling of popular designs using The Happy Hippie Collection. For Step-by-Step instructions on creating these looks visit our Nail Art section at

Trends Summer 2015

The Happy Hippie Collection is available in gel and polish:

Pools & Names

Make your dreams come true!

by Bio Sculpture Gel


194 Dream Catcher
is a lemon bright shade that embodies free spirit, youth and fun! Who would not want to have all that be part of their nail wardrobe! Bright yellow is one of the hottest trends on and off the runways for Spring/Summer 2015. Flip open any fashion magazine to see yellow splashed throughout, be it accessories or head-to-toe outfits. Pair it with classical black, add some whimsy with a neutral fringed skirt, or boldly add a yellow purse or sandals. Here are some fun ways to add yellow to your nails. For step-by-step instructions visit:

Hello May!

by Bio Sculpture Gel

Time to say good-bye to April showers and hello to May flowers! This time of year, we are all ready to add a bold splash of color to our homes, gardens, wardrobes and nails!

Fortify your Nail Tech Tool Box by adding some of our color collections (Pretty for Prom Collection, Radiant Orchid Collection, Beach Collection or Carnival Collection) or build your own Five Pack Color Collection or Ten Pack Color Collection from the Bio Color Range. You can view color swatches at Our Colours or Try Them On!

 Radiant Orchid Collection

A touch of glamour…

by Bio Sculpture Gel


Festive Favorites

by Bio Sculpture Gel

 Try this pretty combination of 10 Pinotage and 168 Gilded Reflection to add some sparkle to your nails this Festive Season.