Advanced Tip Application Course


Bio Sculpture Gel Certification Course (Bio Sculpture Certificate number required)

Time: Duration 4 Hours

Course Fee: $150 (+ applicable taxes)


Base Gel, White Gel, Hard Gel, Color Gel, Bio Nail Cleanse, Bio Polish Remover, Bio Gel Remover, Gel Brush, Nail Wipes (lint-free), Bio Cuticle Remover, Cuticle Nippers, Manicure Tools, Edge Cutter, Files (100/180 Grit), Gold Buffing Block, Bio Bond, Bio Tips Flat, Bio Tips Curved

UV Lamp: 2×18 Watt, 4×9 Watt or Bio Sculpture LED UV Lamp.

Model is Required

Course Outline:

An intensive, advanced course designed to refine tip application skills. Tip selection, application, sizing, blending, trouble shooting and corrective shaping.