Gel Certification Course


A valid Nail Technician Certificate from an accredited beauty school. Proof of qualifications required.

Time: Duration 8 hours

Course Fee: $180 (+ applicable taxes)


Bio Sculpture Professional Starter Kit (list of contents available upon request)

UV Lamp: 2×18 Watt, 4×9 Watt or Bio Sculpture LED UV Lamp

No Model Required

Course Outline:

Sterilization, Disinfection & Sanitation, Product Knowledge, Nail Plate Analysis Client Consultation, Nail Preparation, Nail Shaping, Nail Treatment Products,  Clear Overlay, Upper Arch And C-Curve, Choosing the Correct Gel, Mirror Image, Color Gel Application, French Overlay, Silk Repair, Basic Sculpting, Clear Gel Refill, Color Gel Refill, French Gel Refill, Gel Removal, Troubleshooting, Maintenance: Lamp, Gel, Jar, Gel Brush, Quiz