HP Nail Art Workshop

HP Nail Art Workshop


A nail art workshop to introduce the new Bio Sculpture Nail Art kit used with High Pigmented (HP) gels, puffers and stencils. A variety of designs will be introduced, with an emphasis on ombre (gradation), using positive and negative stencils, free hand drawing, etc.



A valid Nail Technician Certificate from an accredited beauty school is required for registration. Proof of qualifications must be provided. Previous experience / training with Bio Sculpture is recommended.


Time: Duration 4 hours


Course Fee: $120 (+ applicable taxes)



HP Nail Art Kit

IRIS 24 Watt Professional LED lamp, or UV Lamp: 2×18 Watt, 4×9 Watt

Base Gel / Evo Base

Soft Gel

Gloss Gel / Evo Gloss

A variety of Bio Sculpture or Evo Colours: including #1 French White/Whitney, #2017 Licorice/Daniella.


Files, buffers, wipes, gel brushes

10 Blank Colorstix


Course Outline:

Product Knowledge, Ombre, Stencils, Free hand designs, lines on hidden colours, Troubleshooting.