LED System Workshop


Bio Sculpture Gel Certification Course. This course is designed for Nail Technicians who have previously completed the Gel Certification Course and wish to refresh their knowledge and skills to include the Bio Sculpture LED Gel System 

Course Fee: 

Contact Educator –  Course fee includes 2013 Training Manual


1) Bio Sculpture Products – purchase of the Diamond Kit is recommended.

2) Bio Sculpture LED-UV Lamp

2) No Model Required

Course Outline:

Product Knowledge, Nail Preparation, Nail Plate Analysis & Client Consultation, Gel Spectrum & Choosing the correct gel, Nail Treatment Products, Four Layer Color Overlays, French Overlays, Five Layer Overlays (correcting shape and adding strength), Gel Fills, Silk Repair, Gel Removal, C-Curve & Nail Shape Correction, Introduction to Sculpting with Free Edge Gel, Troubleshooting, Retailing.