Evo Basics Course

Level: Beginner

Description: The Evo Basics Course is a beginner level course aimed as a basic introduction to the application of gel polish on natural nails. The course covers theory and practical information to ensure correct application procedures are followed. Topics covered in this course include nail anatomy, nail diseases and disorders, precautions, salon safety and hygiene, product knowledge, nail preparation, application and removal.

The course is divided into three learning modules:

Module I: This self-study module is completed by reading the provided manual covering the theoretical components of the course. Upon successful completion of a quiz, the student is allowed to schedule Module II.

Module II: This module consists of 6-7 hours of practical instruction in a virtual classroom lead by a Bio Sculpture educator. The student will learn and practice the correct techniques for nail preparation, application and removal of a gel polish manicure.

Module III: This module consists of at home practice and a final quiz. The student is required to complete 10 gel polish manicures and submit photographs for assessment along with 10 case study tracking sheets. Successful completion of a final quiz is also required to complete the Evo Basics Course.

Fee: $705 (includes Tuition and Evo Beginner Kit)

Kit contents:

  • IRIS Professional LED Curing Lamp
  • Evo Flex Base 14 ml
  • Evo Contour Base 14 ml
  • 2 x Evo Colours 12 ml
  • Evo Gloss Top Coat 12 ml
  • Gel Remover 125 ml
  • Nail Cleanse 125 ml
  • Bio Nail Wipe Squares (200)
  • Manicure Tool 3-in-1
  • Gold Buffing Block 320 grit
  • Black Tear Drop Files 6-pack 150/220 grit
  • Ethos Almond Oil 14 ml
  • Ethos Cuticle Remover 14 ml

*The Kit is shipped directly to the student once Module II has been scheduled.

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