EVO Oxygenating Gel

Experience the difference

Evo, developed by Bio Sculpture, is the next generation in Healthy Nail Care. The professional line consists of the revolutionary Evo Oxygenating Base, over 60 fabulous Evo Colours, Evo Gloss Top Coat and Evo Matte Top Coat. The easy on, easy off formula provides strength with the added benefit of improved air permeability, allowing the healthy and natural exchange of Oxygen (O2) and water vapor (H2O) between the nail and its environment.

Bio Sculpture is committed to Healthy Nail Care and formulated Evo Oxygenating Base with MEDICAL GRADE INGREDIENTS. Evo Oxygenating Base is infused with VITAMIN A and E, that will migrate to the nail plate, even after curing. EVO is 5-FREE, VEGAN and not tested on animals.

Evo is applied in 30 minutes or less by a salon professional. The easy on, bottle-and-brush application can be completed in 3 steps: BASE, COLOUR, TOP and provides chip-free, long lasting wear for up to 3 weeks. Evo Base is strong enough to correct and strenghten the natural nail, but flexible enough to prevent injury and damage. Gel Remover gently dissolves Evo from the natural nail when it is time for a new colour.

Evo is fully compatible with Bio Sculpture Gel products, offering customized nail care for all nail types.