Nail Treatments

Bio Sculpture offers several nail treatments that provide nutrients to strengthen your nails and prevent them from becoming dry or brittle. These nail treatment products are used during manicure and pedicure treatments as well as during gel application. They provide essential nutrients that enhance nail growth. We recommend that these products are applied regularly to moisturize and nurture the skin and nail. All treatments are available for salon as well as personal use. Click on each product for more information.

New Treatments to Nourish Natural Nails

Oxy-Gain Base

For Soft, chipping and flaking nails.

Oxy-Gain Base is a revolutionary product with a special formulation that helps replenish the levels of oxygen in the natural nails. The moisturizing and nourishing properties fo the Camellia oil helps to fortify and strengthen natural nails. The active ingredient Acetyl Methionine will harden natural nails and increase their resistance to chipping and flaking. OXY-GAIN BASE 10 ml crop

Protein Base

For Thin and Dull Nails

Protein Base is a formulation of active Arginine and Hydrolyzed Keratin in biodegradable particles for easy absorption to fortify nails. Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E and Lecithin reduced to micro size increase penetration to create healthy, smooth and shiny nails

PROTEIN BASE 10 ml cropped