First, do no harm

We always love to hear from our clients just how much they love Bio Sculpture and how it has helped them improve the health of the natural nail. With Bio Sculpture you know that it is not just about a pretty color or fashionable nail art, it is about the health of the natural nail. What is going on underneath that pretty shade of pink?, that should be the question. Well, as the saying goes, the “proof is in the pudding”. This week I came across an excellent example of just how good the natural nail should be looking after many years of using Bio Sculpture products. The nails below belong to a lady who has been wearing Bio Sculpture on her nails since 2005. She removed her gel to be a model for a friend who is training to become a Bio Sculpture Nail Technician. During Monday’s class I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of just how beautiful and healthy her natural nails are after 10 years of wearing Bio Sculpture Gel. The second picture is of the student’s first full set of Bio Sculpture overlays completed in class. Bio Sculpture really is living up to the mantra…First, do no harm.First-do-no-harm-large