Five Simple Tips To Keep Your Nails Healthy In The Summer

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Summer is that time of the year when you take time out to go on vacation or catch up on some yard work. Hot weather tends to mean more time in the sun, salt, and chlorine.

Whatever you have planned this summer, it’s essential to protect your nails and hands from the summer’s heat and sun’s UV Rays.

If you have soft nails, splitting cuticles, or just dry hands, we can help! Here’s Five Simple Tips To Keep Your Nails Healthy In The Summer!

Nourish Your Hands & Nails

Spending alot of time by the pool or the beach means your hands and nails are exposed to the sun. Just like how you put sunscreen on your body to protect your skin from aging and sun burn, don’t forget to treat your hands and nails to a dose of a UV rays protector.

Bio Sculpture Pick: Be sure to toss Bio Sculpture Hand Cream into your beach bag! This is a sophisticated, moisturizing cream with Allantoin that will nourish and regenerate skin cells. The UV sun-filter Benzophenone protects the skin from premature aging, and will leave hands soft and silky.

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Strengthen Your Nails 

Swimming in pools and the beach can make your nails soft and weak, so you need to keep them strong to avoid nail breakage.

It’s important to revitalize soft and weak nails with vitamins by following a healthy diet and by also using Bio Sculpture’s nail treatment called ETHOS Vitamin Dose.

Bio Sculpture Pick: ETHOS Vitamin Dose is ideal for all nail types. Made with a combination of Ginseng Root Extract from the vitamin B-group, when you apply it to your nails, Vitamin Dose sustains the keratin structure and cell metabolism. With just a few drops, it will help your nails grow healthy and strong.

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Try A Deep-Conditioning Nail Treatment

If you need serious hydration to recover from a day of swimming in the pool or beach, you need to lock in moisture and reset your nail beds. Let a deep conditioning nail treatment do the work for you.

By exfoliating your nails with ETHOS Kiwi Scrub, it sloughs away dead nail cells and makes way for healthy nail growth.

Bio Sculpture Pick: ETHOS Kiwi Scrub contains tiny Aluminia particles and Passion Fruit Seed Powder, that exfoliate dry and rough nail surfaces. In addition to Vitamin C and E, a combination of Ginseng Root Extract, Sunflower and Sweet Almond Oil helps moisturize and hydrate nails.

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Moisturize Your Cuticles


We tend to neglect our cuticles, but practicing regular cuticle care is essential for keeping nails healthy. Treat cuticles like sensitive skin and if you spend time at the beach or pool, your cuticles may dry out and split after.

To prevent your cuticles from splitting, all you need is Bio Sculpture Cuticle Cream.

Bio Sculpture Pick: Bio Sculpture Cuticle Cream is made with essential oils to nourish and soften cuticles. If used daily it will enhance nail growth and prevent dry and brittle nails.

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Give Up Acetone Removers 

Acetone harms your nails due to chemicals that are known to dehydrate your nails. So give up acetone and replace it with a oil-based nail polish remover in the summer time. Oil-based nail polish removers are less harsh on your nails and won’t dry them out.

Bio Sculpture Pick: Bio Sculpture Polish Remover is made with an Acetone-free formulation that won’t damage nail polish or gel polish applications.

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