Sculpted Extensions Step-by-Step

Sculpted extensions are used to add length to the natural nail, whether for a single nail to match the length of the set, or for a full set when instant length is needed for a special occasion. They look and feel natural, do not involve tips or glue, do not require excessive buffing and they grow out with the natural nail.

sculpting steps

Sculpted Extensions: Step-by-Step

  1. Apply Base Gel. Cure. Remove sticky residue with Nail Cleanse.
  2. Fit a Bio Easy Fit sculpting form. Apply Free Edge Gel on the form only forming the extended nail. Push Free Edge Gel towards the natural nail to form a secure connection point. Cure.
  3. Strengthen with Medium (for flexible natural nails) or Hard Gel (for solid natural nails). Reinforce the stress point by building a corrective upper arch (wet-gel shaping). Cure.
  4. Remove the sticky residue with Nail Cleanse. Remove the form.
  5. Shape the free edge using a 100/180 grit file. Use dry-gel shaping to refine the upper arch and sidewalls. Buff using a Grey Buffer to refine the surface. Clean using Nail Cleanse.
  6. Apply Bio Sculpture Colour Gel. Cure. Repeat.
  7. Finish with Gloss Gel. Cure.