Style Tip: Get the Nail Shapes of your Dreams!

BIO_NAIL_SHAPESWith nails the question is not only which color or what length is most suitable anymore, nowadays it is all about the shape. The choice of nail shape is determined according to lifestyle, occupation, length of the nail bed, color preference, as well as current trends or special occasions. Although squoval will probably always be the most requested shape, more and more clients are demanding nail shapes made popular by celebs and seen on Pinterest, Instagram, etc,

With the complete range of Bio Sculpture’s treatment gels, creating any shape on any nail is possible, no matter the state of the natural nail. To learn more about the best tools and techniques to make your client’s nail shape dreams come true, set up a meeting with one of our Sales Representatives servicing salons and spas from coast-to-coast. If you are looking for a salon offering Bio Sculpture services, complete this online form and we will refer you to a salon in your area.