Top Five Trendy Nail Shades For Summer/2019

Best Summer Nail Colours Nail Colours For Summer/2019 The Best Summer Nail Polish Colours

Summer time is finally here! It’s time to rock those maxi dresses and sandals and that means your next mani-pedi have to match your outfit.

Depending on what you have coming up this summer such as a wedding or beach vacation, the nail polish colour you choose will reflect the mood you’re in.

Whatever nail polish colour you decide to wear this season, you’ve come to right place. We’re here to showcase the Top Five Trendy Nail Shades For Summer/2019.

Disco Fluos Collection

Disco Fluous Collection

Neon colours are on top of the list of the best nail colours to wear this summer. Bright shades like yellow and green are trending on social media right now.

Since neon colours are flashy and bright, they might not be suitable for the office. But if you’re planning a beach vacation or a girls night out, neon colours tell the world that you’re bold and beautiful!

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Shades of Coral Collection

Shades of Coral

The word coral means ‘Daughter Of The Sea’ in Greek. Coral shades are created by mixing peach, orange and pink.  Wearing coral shades reflects the element of water and the soothing energy of the ocean.

Since corals are reminscent of the ocean, they’re perfect for wearing while you’re on a beach vacation and swimming in the sea.

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Evo Iron Ladies

Evo Iron Ladies

Metallic nails are trending on social media this summer. The funky craze is appearing on Hollywood celebrities like Kylie Jenner, who regularly rocks the style.

Metallic shades are great to wear at night because they sparkle like a disco ball and compliment your outfit. If you like wearing bold and contemporary nail shades, give metallic colours a try this summer and make a statement.

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Blue Nail Shades From The Ocean


Just like coral shades, the colour blue is reminscent of ocean water. This summer pair blue nail polish with white dresses or casual jean shorts and white t-shirt.

Blue nail shades are also great for hosting summer patio parties or when you go swimming, as they’ll reflect a sea of calmness.

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White Is Bright With A French Manicure

We saved the best for last. French manicure’s are always in style in summer time because it’s a classic look that exudes femininity. When you wear French manicures or all white nail shades, it means you’re versatile and wear different outfits all the time.

Also, French manicures are the top choice for brides-to-be and members of the wedding party. If you’re going to attend a wedding this summer, go for a French manicure, it will match your outfit equisitely.

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There you have the Top Five Trendy Nail Shades For Summer/2019! Which colours are you going to try? Let us know and post your photos of your creative nail art on Bio Sculpture on Social Media!

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