Four Fabulous Nail Trends For Summer/2019

Summer Nail Trends Nail Trends Summer/2019

Summer time is the best time in the year, where you can show off your matching mani-pedi in your open-toed sandals. You surely want to wear the hottest nail shades of the summer that reflect your personality and mood.

Depending on what you have planned for the remainder of the summer like an outdoor wedding or an all-inclusive island beach getaway, the nail shade you choose to wear reflects the mood you’re in.

If you’re looking for your next summer nail shade to rock this season, look no further, as we’ve rounded up four fabulous nail trends for Summer/2019!

On The Reef Collection

The On The Reef Collection consists of five nail shades inspired by the corals from the ocean. Coral colours are a unique mixture of peach, orange and pink. What you get are bold and bright nail shades that reflects the soothing energy of the ocean.

Corals are perfect for wearing while sunning yourself on a beach vacation and hanging out after in your favourite maxi-dress and flip flops.

Bio Sculpture Pick: Coral Cluster – Number 249 is so hot right now and trending on social media. To shop the On The Reef Collection from Bio Sculpture Canada, click here.

We also have On The Reef nail shades available from our sister store – Iris Body & Beauty. To shop Gemini On The Reef nail shades, click here.

Disco Fluos Collection

Disco Fluous Collection

Neon colours are the best nail shades to wear during summer time because they’re bold and bright. Fluorescent shades from the Disco Fluos Collection like yellow and green are trending on social media right now.

Since fluorescent shades are flashy, they’re reserved for vacation-time and should be excluded at the office or else your nails might cause a distraction. If you’re planning a well-deserved island vacation or a weekend girls trip, fluorecent nail shades are the way to go!

Bio Sculpture Pick: Go bold with Evo Emily, a lime-green nail shade that was featured in Salon Magazine’s Fluorescently Fun Seasonal Nail Picks. To shop the Disco Flous Collection, click here.

Evo Iron Ladies Collection

Evo Iron Ladies

Hollywood celebrities Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have been flaunting their metallic nail looks on social media.

The Evo Iron Ladies Collection are three nail shades that are eye-catching and create a magnificent dazzle on your nails. They also make your nails look healthier because of the incomparable shine they illuminate.

Bio Sculpture Pick: We love all three ladies – Misty, Atlanna, and Skyler. You take your pick. Shop the Iron Ladies Collection, by clicking here.

The Galaxy Collection


Taking it up a notch from the Evo Iron Ladies Collection, the Galaxy Collection is a combination of metallic and glitter nail shades that are so hot on social media right now.

The Galaxy Collection is great for those who like to get creative with summer nail art and for those who want to try something that’s out of this world!

Bio Sculpture Pick: Take your pick from four stunning nail shades: Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus. To shop the Galaxy Collection, click here.

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There you have four fabulous nail trends to rock this Summer/2019! Which nail trends do you love? Let us know and post your photos of your creative nail art on Bio Sculpture on Social Media!

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