ETHOS Is The Best Nail Treatment To Strengthen And Repair Nails

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The ETHOS Collection is Bio Sculpture’s new Natural Nail Care range for natural nails. With a pledge to nail health, each ETHOS product is made with its own unique formula containing natural ingredients aimed at improving the condition of natural nails.

In total, there are eight ETHOS products in the range. The four brand new ETHOS products include the Kiwi Scrub, Volcanic Base Coat, Calcium Base Coat, and OxyCoat. 

These four new products are excellent additions to the ETHOS Collection as they are the best nail treatments to strengthen and repair dull, brittle, and soft nails.

Curious about the ETHOS Collection? Watch the short video below.


Want to know what makes the four new ETHOS products so amazing? Well, for one thing each product can be used on all nail types. If you have soft, brittle nails, these four ETHOS products can help nourish and restore your nails health.

If you’re health conscious or vegan the ETHOS range is perfect for you. This week, we are showcasing four of the eight ETHOS products.

Read on to find out the benefits of each of the four ETHOS products. Next week, we’ll be showcasing the other four new and improved ETHOS products.

ETHOS Kiwi Scrub 

Best Nail Treatment For Soft Nails.

ETHOS Kiwi Scrub Removes Dead Nail Cells And Exfoliates Natural Nails 

ETHOS Kiwi Scrub is a special nail scrub containing Kiwi aroma and Passion Fruit Seed Powder. The main benefit of ETHOS Kiwi Scrub is that it’s a natural nail treatment that removes dead nail cells and rejuvenates the nail bed to make way for growing healthy new nails.

Kiwi Scrub contains tiny Aluminia particles designed to exfoliate dry and rough nail surfaces. Along with Vitamin C and E, the scrub contains Ginseng Root Extract, Almond Oil and Sunflower.

The combination of these natural ingredients works to remove cuticles gently and helps moisturize and hydrate natural nails.

ETHOS Kiwi Scrub can be used on all nail types during nail preparation. It  can also be applied to nails and cuticles to revitalise after polish removal or gel removal.

Want to know how to apply ETHOS Kiwi Scrub? Check out the short video below.



ETHOS Is The Best Nail Hardener

ETHOS OxyCoat Is A Nourishing Base Coat With Antioxidant Properties 

ETHOS OxyCoat protects natural nails and has a wide range of uses. The main benefit of using ETHOS OxyCoat lie within the antioxidants Vitamin A, B5, C, E and its Keratin activating properties. It provides strong antioxidant protection that helps revitalize nails to keep them healthy and growing strong.

OxyCoat has two uses – as a base coat or a top coat. For moist nails, apply OxyCoat as a base coat and a top coat, to achieve a “breathable” overlay. A thin brush width can be applied under gel overlay.

ETHOS OxyCoat can be used on all nail types during nail preparation or alone as its antioxidants stimulates nail regeneration making it the best treatment to strengthen your nails.

Need some instructions on how to use ETHOS OxyCoat? Check out the short video below.

ETHOS Seaweed Calcium Base

ETHOS Seaweed Calcium Base Is The Best Nail Hardener

ETHOS Seaweed Calcium Base Promotes Suppleness To Dry And Brittle Nails 

ETHOS Seaweed Calcium Base is a new product ideal for three nail types – hard and dry nails; dry and brittle nails and nails with ridges.

The main benefit of using ETHOS Seaweed Calcium Base is for filling nail ridges due to its natural inorganic fillers, Silica and Mica that helps create the appearance of smooth nail surfaces.

It’s main natural ingredient Red Alga Seaweed extract contains Zinc and Magnesium that contributes to strengthening the keratin structure of the nail. The results are new grown nails may increase flexibility and restores suppleness to brittle nails.

Seaweed Calcium Base can be used alone on dry and brittle nails to display a soft pink shade. It can also be used as a base or two coats on ridged nails for a smooth finish and soft colour finish. Before gel overlay, use a thin brush width to apply the calcium base, then lightly buff and proceed with nail overlay.

Curious about ETHOS Seaweed Calcium Base? Check out the short video below.

ETHOS Volcanic Base 


ETHOS Volcanic Base Is The Best Nail Hardener

ETHOS Volcanic Base Is a Nail Hardener That Gives Strength To Soft Nails 

ETHOS Volcanic Base is a new nail base coat that increases strength and nail hardness. Ideal for soft, weak and thin nails, the key ingredient of Pistacio Oil is known to increase nail strength and flexibility.

Those who have soft, weak nails that split will benefit from using ETHOS Volcanic Base due to its Volcanic Stone Extract which gives new nails the power to grow strong.

Volcanic Base can be used as a base coat on natural nails or a thin brush width to the center of the nail, as treatment before gel application.

Want instructions on how to apply ETHOS Volcanic Base? Here’s a short video below.

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ETHOS Is The Best Nail Treatment To Strengthen And Repair Nails

ETHOS follows Bio Sculpture’s ethical approach and products do not contain animal products and is not tested on animals.

Next week, we’ll showcase the other four ETHOS products that are new and improved. To shop the whole ETHOS collection, click here.

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