What Does Your Manicure Say About Your Personality?

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Gemini Nourishing Nail Polish

How do you choose which manicure you’re going to wear? Do you choose it based on an important event coming up like a wedding or party? Or do you choose it based on the mood you’re in?

Whatever decision you make on what kind of manicure you’re going to wear, it tells the world something about personality, sense of style, and creative streak.

Depending on your mood and what season it is, check out the six types of manicures that reveal what kind of personality you have.

Dark Colors: You’re a Bold Leader

Beauty of Perfection

The darker the colour, the deeper the feelings you have. In other words, choosing a dark manicure conveys confidence. Dark rich shades like red, black, deep purple and blue reflect your charisma.

Though you may exude an air of mystery, you tell the world that you’re a natural leader. You are an assertive woman who likes to take charge of every situation.

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French Manicure: You’re Sophisticated

A French manicure’s soft hues reveals a classic look that exudes elegance and femininity. Those who wear French manicures are usually sophisticated creatures who are curious about exploring different places and prefer the finer things in life such as aged wine and cheese and antiques.

Also, did you know that French manicures are the top choice for brides-to-be and her bridal party? This is partly due to the fact that a French manicure match’s a bride’s wedding dress and outfits for her after-wedding party events.

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Metallics: You’re a Glamourous Star

Evo Iron Ladies

Shiny metalics are contemporary colours that makes your manicure stand out and ignites your star power. Those who like to wear metalic manicures are usually outgoing and charismatic types who are comfortable in the spotlight.

People naturally gravitate towards you because you’re a great conversationalist who is outspoken and opinionative about all things, especially, on fashion and beauty.

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Pastels: You’re Free-Spirited

Evo Pastel Collection

Pastel colours are reminscent of spring time which symbolizes rebirth and youthful energy. If you like rocking pastel manicures it means you’re a playful and free-spirited person.

Since pastels create a calming effect, you tend to be spiritual and intuitive. You enjoy spending time with friends and being in nature whether its tending to your garden or taking a walk in the park.

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Nudes: You’re a Practical Busy Body

Nude Collection


Choosing nude shades for your manicure says that you’re a multi-tasker who is always on the go. Since you have different things going on: one day you’re at the office, and then the next day you’re at a yoga session. It’s important for you to wear a nude shade that can match any outfit.

Indeed, having a nude manicure is practical because you never know when you’ll have to head out from the office straight to a hot date. When you wear nude shades, it means you always want to be prepared.

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Nail Art: You’re Artsy-Fartsy

Transforming your nails into nail art reveals that you’re creative and have a thirst for being unique. Easily bored with the norm, you like to experiment with different types of nail trends that ignite your imagination.

You’re most likely interested in art because you know that making the world a more beautiful place starts with making a bold statement through your fingertips.

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