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  • Gel de base
    Base Gel
Base Gel (also known as Clear Gel) is a nail treatment that strengthens and conditions the natural nail. It is a flexible gel, used as the universal basTreatment GelBio Sculpture Canada
    Gel de base
  • Gel Doux
    Soft Gel
Soft Gel is a flexible gel, can be used as the strengthening/finishing layer on a soft nail (a healthy nail that can bend it both directions without cau
    Gel Doux
  • Gel revitalisant
    Gel revitalisant
    Gel revitalisant
  • Base Oxygénante Evo
    Base Oxygénante Evo
    Base Oxygénante Evo
  • Base Evo Flex
    Evo Flex Base

Perfect for short, brittle, weak or soft nails. Flex has incredible adhesive properties and dramatically improves the health of the nail. Cures in 60
    Base Evo Flex
  • Base et construction Evo Contour
    Evo Contour Base & Build
Contour is perfect for creating nail extensions, building beautiful upper arches or adding strength to your Evo or Bio Gel manicure. Available in 14ml
    Base et construction Evo Contour