Discover Bio Sculpture Course

Prerequisite: None, this is a self-guided online introductory course.

Goal: Embark on your journey into the world of Bio Sculpture with our comprehensive "Discover Bio Sculpture" course and product bundle. Perfect for beginners eager to dive into the art of gel manicures, or professionals looking to make the change to Bio Sculpture. This curated package provides everything you need to master the basics and achieve flawless gel overlays.

Acquired Skills: Product Knowledge, Nail Prep Basics, Creating the perfect base layer, Colour Application, Top Coat Application, Product Removal.

What's included:

- In-depth instructional videos guiding you through each step of the gel overlay process.

- A carefully selected bundle of Bio Sculpture products, including high-quality products.

- Access to our extensive Evo and Bio Colour libraries for a wide range of creative possibilities.

- Essential knowledge about Bio Sculpture products, ensuring a solid understanding of their application and benefits.


- Acquire the skills and confidence to create beautiful Bio Sculpture gel overlays.

- Learn about each product in the bundle to make informed choices and achieve optimal results.

- Enjoy the convenience of repurchasing individual items from the bundle as needed.

- Gain access to the vast Evo and Bio Colour libraries to explore diverse color options.

- Lay the foundation for further exploration through our advanced gel certification courses.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and transform nails with the unparalleled quality of Bio Sculpture. Start your journey today with the "Discover Bio Sculpture" course, designed for those who are passionate about mastering the art of gel overlays.

Format: Available online only

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