Pathways to becoming a Bio Sculpture Nail Stylist

Bio Sculpture offers a variety of training courses aimed at preparing you for a successful career as a Nail Stylist.

We offer two course streams depending on previous experience. To those new to the beauty industry, we offer the Getting Started Course Series as a complete career training option. For qualified aestheticians and nail stylists who wish to add Bio Sculpture to their skillset, we offer Bio Sculpture Certification Courses to compliment previous training they received. If you are interested to learn more about what Bio Sculpture has to offer, but not ready to commit, we recommend registering for the Discover Bio Sculpture Course. Offered as a self-guided online course, this overview will introduce you to the basics. 
Our courses are designed to provide the student with a solid foundation in theoretical and product knowledge combined with hands-on experience with the products under the guidance of a Certified Bio Sculpture Educator. With a preference for a small-group class format, all students will have ample opportunity to get individual attention from the Educator. In addition to beginner level courses, Bio Sculpture also offers advanced courses, workshops and refresher classes to provide continuing education to those Nail Stylists interested in further enhancing their skill set.
We offer training across Canada. Certificate Courses are available as in-person and/or educator-led virtual classes. Certification Courses consist of 3 components: In-class theory/practical, an online exam and photographic assessment. Upon successful completion of all 3 components a Bio Sculpture Certificate will be issued.
We have rolling admissions and all classes must be booked at least 10 days prior to the course date. For up to date course schedules please contact us at
We can help you select the right course for your situation. 
  • Perfect for beginners eager to dive into the art of gel manicures, or professionals looking to make the change to Bio Sculpture.
  • Master the basics and achieve flawless gel overlays.
  • Essential knowledge about Bio Sculpture products, ensuring a solid understanding of their application and benefits.
  • In-depth instructional videos guiding you through each step of the gel overlay process
  • Online self-guided course
  • Course Overview


  • No previous training required
  • Start a new career at any age or stage of life
  • High-quality, health-focused products & applications
  • Courses in Standard Classroom and Virtual Classroom settings
  • Offered in-person and virtually
  • Course Overview



  • Valid Nail Technician Certificate required, or Completion of Bio Sculpture Manicure & Pedicure Course
  • Gel Certification Courses and Advanced Skilled Courses available
  • High-quality, health-focused products & applications
  • Courses in Standard Classroom and Virtual Classroom settings
  • Bio Sculpture Certificate upon completion
  • Offered in-person and virtually
  • Available options include full-day certification courses in gel application, nail art course, Whisper E-file course, Lengthening Course, Full Cover Tip Application and Refresher Courses.
  • Course Overview
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