Ethos Lavender Base 14ml

Ethos Lavender Base 14ml

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Now Available...Ethos Lavender Base - New & Improved formula! Our favourite nail care product is back in stock! This new and improved formula has a hint of lavender shimmer and is rich in Baobab Seed and Ginseng Oil to improve the health of nails. ✅ Revitalizes and protects the natural nail ✅ Levels the nail surface ✅ Gives nails a natural and healthy appearance ✅ Builds a glossy and hard shield on nails ✅ Long lasting wear ✅ Soft pearl shimmer

ETHOS LAVENDER BASE . ETHOS boasts the improved LAVENDER BASE. Aimed to enrich weak and damaged nails, it is developed with Rosemary Leaf Extract known for its soothing properties.
This lovely pale pink shade contains carefully selected oils and ingredients which may assist to treat and restore sensitive nails.

For use as a nail polish base and popular as a Lavender Base Treatment for damaged nails, two coats as a nourishing treatment also provide beautiful soft nail colour. A thin brush width may be applied to the centre of the nail before a gel overlay.

BASE LAVANDE ETHOS. ETHOS prône la BASE LAVANDE améliorée. Destinée à enricher les ongles faibles et endommagés, elle est développée d’extrait de feuilles de romarin reconnu pour ses vertus apaisanted. Cette adorable nuance de rose doux contient des huiles et ingredients soigneusement choisis pouvant aider à restaurer les ongles sensibles.

À utiliser comme base de vernis à ongle et populaire comme traitement base lavande pour ongles endommagés, deux couches en tant que traitement nourrussant offrant du même coup une belle couleur douce.

Une mince couche de pinceau peut être appliquée au centre de l’ongle avant un recouvrement de gel.